Pale Grey - Sealing Wax Sticks
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Pale Grey - Sealing Wax Sticks

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Sealing wax sticks are perfect for creating durable wax seal stamps. Premium wax ensures your designs have a crisp and professional finish, unlike cheaper wax alternatives.
This is FLEXIBLE sealing wax used for glue guns. Traditional sealing wax is brittle and won't hold up during postage. The flexible wax is used for a more robust seal and is also ideal for making seals ahead of time and applying to your project at a later date.


One quantity ordered = 1 stick 

Price Per Stick: $4.00

- Blush (other options available in store)
- Finish: Pearl
- Full size sticks (not mini sticks)
- Approximately 103mm x 12mm
- Each stick produces approximately 10 seals for a standard 2.5cm stamp
- Designed for a 12mm/Full size, low temp glue gun
- Can be cut for use with spoon and flame application
- Ships from Australia