Terms and Conditions: Vendors

By signing up as a Vendor with Two Lovers (www.twolovers.com), you agree to be bound by the following terms of use. 

Key terms:

‘Customer’ or ‘Member’ refers to anyone browsing or interacting with Two Lovers including other vendors.

‘Seller’ or ‘Vendor” (you) is an individual or business who uses Two Lovers to sell or promote goods or services. 

‘Listing’ or ‘Listed’ refers to the goods or service as advertised by the seller on Two Lovers including imagery, descriptions, and policies. 

‘Buyers’ refer to a visitor and or customer of Two Lovers (not as a ‘Seller' or ‘Vendor’)


1. What can be Listed 

Two Lovers is a marketplace for wedding specific goods and services, as such, we ask that all Listings reasonably fit within the categories displayed.


When listing your goods or services you agree to:

1.1. clearly and accurately portray each good or service with the correct descriptions and product imagery;

1.2. use your own original photographs, or obtain the rights to use a photograph belonging to someone else; and

1.3. clearly disclose any warnings, hazards or usage restrictions;

1.4. take full responsibility for any infringements related to the sale, promotion and display of goods and services without the legal authority to do so.


If you are selling custom or made-to-order goods or services you agree to:

1.5.  ensure it is available for purchase and delivery in a timely manner; and

1.6. ensure the listing price is set, unless negotiated and clearly agreed upon with the customer.


2. Representation

We value human connection and want to foster positive relationships between our Vendors, Buyers and team at Two Lovers. In honour of these values, vendors agree they will:

2.1. provide honest, accurate information about their business;

2.2. accurately represent products in descriptions, photos and general communication;

2.3. respect the intellectual property of others;

2.4. not create fake and misleading reviews or remove unfavourable comments by Buyers, unless deemed as harassment; and

2.5. not coordinate pricing with other Vendors.

If a Vendor is raising money on behalf of a charity, the Vendor must obtain consent to do so, and clearly state their relationship with the charity and proportion of the sale to be donated. Failure to do so may result in account termination.


3. Contact features, reviews and User/Vendor interactions.

Vendors may use Two Lovers contact features to communicate directly with Buyers or other Vendors on Two Lovers. This feature is intended for general questions and answers, and coordinating custom works. It must not be used for the following activities:

3.1. sending unsolicited advertising, promotions, requests for donations or spam;

3.2. commentary that does not relate to a good or service; and

3.3. encouraging buyers to purchase elsewhere

3.4 sending personal details 

Two Lovers reserves the right to respond to customers on a vendors behalf if a vendor has not responded in a timely manner. 


Our ‘reviews’ feature exists for customer use only and must not be used for:

3.4. interference with another Buyer or Vendor to intentionally discourage a transaction;

3.5. discussing a dispute with a Buyer or Vendor;

3.6. revealing confidential or personal information;

3.7. extortion, or any other attempt to manipulate through threats, intimidation, or bribery; and

3.8. fraudulent inflation of a Listing’s reputation by use of an alternate account.

All interactions through Two Lovers must not be derogatory or disrespectful in nature. Two Lovers has zero tolerance for content that violates Anti-Discrimination Policies.  Failure to comply will result in account termination.


4. Payment of fees

By signing up as a Vendor and creating a Listing on Two Lovers, you agree to pay Two Lovers a transactional fee of 10%. This transactional fee is a percentage of the total transactional price paid by the customer. Any action by a Vendor to avoid paying this fee is strictly prohibited and considered a violation of these Terms, and may result in a fine and account termination. Violations include, but are not limited to:

4.1. encouraging customers to purchase through another means;

4.2. completing a transaction outside Two Lovers services;

4.3. miss-representing the price of a transaction; and

4.4. altering the price after a transaction has been made (unless for the purpose of shipping).


5. Advertising and Promotions

Two Lovers offers Vendors a unique opportunity to connect with the right Buyer at the right time. We encourage sales through a range of digital and print advertising and promotions. By listing on Two Lovers, you agree to the use of your product imagery, business name, product details and reviews to be used for the purpose of advertising of the Two Lovers marketplace, by means both controlled and not controlled by Two Lovers.


6. Privacy and Personal Information Protection

As a Vendor you agree to be responsible for the protection of Buyers personal information received or processed through Two Lovers, and agree to comply with all relevant legal requirements.


7. Customer service

Customer service is an important factor for a thriving business. As such, as a vendor, you agree to uphold excellent customer service for all Buyer dealings. Vendors agree to:

7.1. honour shipping and processing times, keeping in mind different shipping requirements for different countries;

7.2. respond to all enquires in a timely and appropriate manner;

7.3. honour the commitment made in Listing descriptions;

7.4. resolve disagreements and disputes directly with the Buyer in a professional manner;

7.5. notify a customer immediately if an order is unable to be completed, offering a complete refund unless otherwise agreed;

7.6. manage requests for cancellations, returns, and exchanges in accordance with Australian Laws or Laws surrounding the dispute (for example, The European Union ’14 Day Right of Withdrawal’);

7.7. assist Buyers with shipping and non-delivery disputes with the shipping provider used to deliver the product; and

7.8 understand Two Lovers will not refund a transactional fee to either the seller or customer under any circumstances.


8. Termination of Two Lovers account

If a Vendor does not abide by these Terms, or Two Lovers deems a Vendor or Listing as unfavourable, Two Lovers reserves the right to terminate the account of any person, business or listing without prior notice or reason.

As a vendor, should you wish to terminate your account with Two Lovers you may do so by deactivating your Seller Profile. All existing orders must first be completed before the account termination will be accepted.