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New Worlds Craft Gin Gift Kit

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The perfect 'Thank you' gift for your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen or the exceptional standout way to ask 'Will you be my Maid of Honour'. 

Curated to showcase the creative-wave of Australian gin styles, New Worlds Gin Gift Kit conceptualises new frontiers for distillers and their fashioning of local botanicals into flavour-rich and award-winning gins. 

The ultimate in luxury experience-gifts; Beautifully packaged and themed to showcase each flavour and nuance as an outstanding sensory experience.

This kit contains 5 x 50mL bottles:

1. Archie Rose Distilling Co.  Signature Dry Gin 

2. Distillery Botanica Gin

3. Sullivans Cove Distillery  Hobart No.4 

4. Four Pillars  Rare Dry Gin 

5. Giniveristy  Botanical Gin 

+ Tasting notes booklet


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This product contains alcohol.