Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake Topper
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Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake Topper

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Mr and Mrs Cake Topper is the icing (on the icing) on your wedding cake. Or even your dessert. Rustic and elegant in double-sided gold foil, you will feel like gold. After all the planning and waiting for your wedding. The wedding cake will arrive, declaring you are finally married. Traditionally, the cake signified your first meal as a married couple. So it's time to cut it, share it, and celebrate your new life. Don't forget to take the wonderful photos you will cherish forever. Designed as a keepsake, why not use it on your wedding anniversary?

The topper comprises quality cardstock in gold foil. Durable and food-safe. Please order a week in advance.

- Width: approx. 15cm (6")

- Height (excluding stem): approx. 5cm (2")

- Stem: approx. 6cm (2")