Intimately You
Intimately You
Intimately You
Intimately You
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Intimately You

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For those who wish to have a small intimate ceremony, with just a bit more than the bare bones.
•Initial interview
•Additional interviews for confirmation of 
choices and finalisation
•Your Selection of one reading
•Your choice of intimate original Pre-Written 

•Rehearsal at the venue and risk assessment                                                            
•Covid - Safe Plan, QR code, and Covid officer if required
•Performance and Solemnisation of Marriage 
•Unlimited emails, phone calls and other 
communication to and from Michelle and clients
•Provision of all certificates
•Assistance with preparation of NOIM and 
other related documents
•All printing and lodging of official 
documents electronically or via post    
•Provision of signing table and chairs if required as well as an engraved commemorative pen.
•Beringer PA system to ensure audible 
clarity with Blue Tooth Connectivity and cordless mic (if required)
•Travel costs within 80km of office