Against the Grain Craft Gin Gift Kit

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The perfect 'Thank you' gift for your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen or the exceptional standout way to ask 'Will you be my Maid of Honour'. 

Against the Grain Gin Gift Kit presents five artisan gins that have spent time nurturing in different oak barrels. This Kit is rebellious, showcasing the union of timber and gin to create exciting new flavours.

The ultimate in luxury experience-gifts; Beautifully packaged and themed to showcase each flavour and nuance as an outstanding sensory experience.

This kit contains 5 x 50mL bottles:

1. Margaret River Distilling Co.  Giniveristy Barrel Aged Gin 

2. FAIR  Barrel Aged

3. Kalki Moon Distilling & Brewing  Solstice

4. Kilderkin Distillery  Barrel Aged Gin

5. KOVAL  Barrelled Gin 

+ Tasting notes booklet


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This product contains alcohol.