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String Duo Entertainment
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String Duo Entertainment

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Quartet With A Twist has been providing high-quality music for weddings, events and corporate events since 2012. If you're looking for live music, look no further!

Our string duo is perfect for those limited on space but still want to add a little something special! 

    • violin

    • cello (option to swap out cello with double bass if desired)

Services: Perth, Western Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I hire a string quartet or a string trio?

We will always recommend to hire a string quartet if your budget allows. Our string quartet consists of two violins, a viola and double bass, which allows for a fuller sound and richer harmonies. However, we can also cater for a string trio, which consists of two violins and double bass.

What is the difference between a cello and a double bass?

The double bass is a larger and therefore a lower sounding instrument. This provides a stronger bass foundation to the overall sound to the quartet; however, we can always opt out the double bass for a cello if you would prefer (in either quartet or trio formation).

Do you only play classical music?

Not at all! We also have a full list of pop music which we can send to you on request, simply chat to us through Two Lovers. We also have a selection of Christmas songs and can accomodate requests.

When do I need music for my wedding ceremony?

We usually suggest the following (although not every ceremony is the same so we can also cater for additional moments such as Communion): 

    • BACKGROUND – around 10-15 minutes of music as the guests arrive before the ceremony begins

    • ENTRANCE – one song for the entrance of the bride

    • SIGNING OF THE REGISTRY – one or two songs depending on how many people need to sign/if photos are being taken

    • EXIT – one song for your grand exit, although we will usually play until everyone has left (the building)

    • BACKGROUND – optional for if you want to have music whilst congratulations are in process