Marriage Preparation Course
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Marriage Preparation Course

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Your wedding day is approaching and you’re ticking off the to do list but have you considered the changes marriage will bring to your relationship?

The reality is 1 in 3 marriages in Australia end in divorce….scary, huh?!

I want all couples who are getting married to find themselves just as in love 10, 20 or 30 years after their wedding day.

Smart couples focus not just on their wedding day but on their marriage ahead because even the best relationships take work. Over the years you will plan for the future by investing in other areas of life and your relationship should be no different.

Now before you say no thank you and exit the page…. Let me state that this is not pre-marriage counselling. This is a Marriage Preparation Course that uses the internationally recognised Prepare Enrich framework.

If you like psychology tests or personality quizzes, you will love the questionnaire and you will definitely enjoy diving into the insights afterwards too.

If your relationship is already strong, you can expect the Marriage Preparation Course to increase your bond. If your relationship has some issues (doesn’t every one?!), now is the perfect time to invest. You will be so glad you did it! 

The Program includes: 

·         4 x 1.5 hr sessions with me (Trained Prepare Enrich Marriage Educator)

·         Couples Report

·         Exercise Workbook


What commitment are you making when you sign up to the Prepare Enrich Program?

Phase 1 - Questionnaire

You both complete an online questionnaire (filled in individually) detailing everything about your relationship. You don't have to write anything. It's just a sliding scale of how much you agree or disagree with certain statements. Takes less than 30 mins! Easy!

Phase 2 - Findings & Skill Building

We will meet in person at my office in Mayfield or by ZOOM to discuss the findings. We can have a drink together while we are doing it.

We will meet for 4 sessions in total (1.5 hrs each, spaced every couple of weeks depending on your schedule)

·         I'll discuss the findings of the report with you so you can better understand your relationship's strengths and areas for improvement.

·         I'll facilitate meaningful conversations between you both on specific topics.

·         I'll teach you proven relationship skills for you to apply in a practical way.

·         I'll get you to do some workbook exercises during the sessions.


Phase 3 – Homework

Now that you know the areas that need nurturing, I will set you a few tasks to complete before our next session. (Not too many- I know you live busy lives)


Phase 4 - Couple's Report

At our last session, I'll give you the all-important COUPLES REPORT for you to take home.


Phase 5 – Implementation

The final phase is the beginning of your forever. It’s time to use some of the new insights and put your new relationship skills to the test. You can also pat yourself on the back for investing in your relationship.