Your wedding style as told by your Zodiac sign.

You and your lover were written in the stars! Now you have found them it's time to plan your dream wedding so why not consult your zodiac for guidance? 
We consulted the heavens and broken down your wedding style as told by your Zodiac sign. 


Aries' romantic traits speak to your fiery and fast-paced nature: you are  courageous, zealous, confident, and unafraid to take the lead and make the first move. As for your wedding, Aries should have a modern and bold wedding to suit their personalities in a relationship. 

Aries must have Modern & Bold wedding elements: Marseille Printed Wedding Invitation SetAriel - Pearl Drop EarringsLone Stacked VaseHanging Plant HireAllie 


Taurus is an earth sign and you are ruled by the sensual planet Venus, which means you love luxury and enjoy indulging in lots of pleasures with your partner. ... While Taurus may be slow to commit in romance, once you do, you make a dedicated partner who can always be counted on. Your wedding style should be elegant and traditional.

Elegant & Tradition must haves for a Taurus wedding: Wilson Elegant Traditional Handmade Paper Wedding Invitation SuiteWishing Well Box - Clear AcrylicCher Veil, Get Us HitchedThe Love Actually Experience, Paris Ring


Gemini is an air sign, ruled by mercury. You are known for being big talkers who love presenting, with a side of curiosity and cleverness that comes out. You are good fun and all about connections. However you are dual natured, restless and have a lot of nervous energy. But fear not, you will also be able to entertain yourselves and make friends wherever you go. You want the best of both worlds, a traditional ceremony with a party reception.

The best Gemini pieces from both worlds: Sydney String Quartet Ceremony Package6 Hour Photography PackageEco Confetti Metallic and small ConesTil Death do us PartyIndoor and Outdoor Mobile Bar Service


Cancer's romantic traits make you some of the most devoted and nurturing lovers of the zodiac. You are caring, nurturing, protective, sentimental and empathetic and family orientated. However, while you have a hard shell, you are also quite sensitive on the inside. Your wedding can be your way of showing these emotions with a Seaside Soiree, quite a family orientated based wedding. 

The best seaside elements for a Cancer celebration: Tahlia Linen Welcome SignPearl Wedding VeilWilson Handmade MenuWilson ProgramCapiz Oyster shell Place Card, Emily Statement Pearl Earrings


Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun. As a Leo you have energy that is glamorous, courageous, and bold. In a relationship you want to be the center of your partner's world—but the attention doesn't have to go just one way. The typical Leo will also center your partner as a result, leaving everyone in the relationship feeling seen. As with all fire signs, you need relationships to feel hot, passionate, and exciting. Your wedding style reflects this need, having a glamorous wedding of luxury.

Bring the luxe with these Leo pieces: 7 Tier Champagne TowerWhite Rolls Royce Phantom & Stretch Chrysler Limousine Wedding Ceremony Harpist - 1.5HRSSemi Customised Monogram Wax Seals  , Union Save the Dates, Delilah - Modern Bridal Earrings


Virgo is an earth sign historically represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, an association that speaks to Virgo's deep-rooted presence in the material world. Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. You love when things are tidy and organised, so maintaining a sense of control over your lives is important to you, which may also mean control over the wedding day style. This being said, we think it's best you stick to a minimalist wedding style. 

Minimalist elements that will make Virgos hearts sing: Sienna Minimalist Welcome SignThe Little White Dress, Anastasia Table NumbersEvaLola Radiant Cut Pendant


Libra is an air sign that has a fixation on balance and harmony. Libra is obsessed with symmetry and strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life. You are a very caring and gentle partner. You want to make both partners happy in the wedding planning process. While you're involved in a physical relationship with a Libra, you can expect to feel like they only have eyes for you. 

Pretty pastel elements for Libra lovers: Flossy Petite3 Hr DJ and 5 Hr Photobooth PackageIn the Stars Table Numbers, Naturally White Package, Long Stem Rose Bouquet, Isla - Statement Flower Earrings


Scorpios are extremely emotional, and crave intimacy. They have a powerful presence and demanding personality. In relationships, Scorpios tend to be the one who cares more. They are intense and jealous as well as deep, dark and mysterious. This mystery about you would perfectly suit an elopement or micro wedding. 

A Scorpio Elopement: Joshua Elopement AnnouncementFull Day Elopement Package (10 hours)Silk Hair ScarfElopement Package Live Wedding PackageWed By Ali - Luxe Elopement, Elise


Sagittarius have a loyal, smart, assertive, and compassionate personality. In relationships, you are optimistic, fun-loving, and spontaneous. You never take ourselves too seriously and have a great sense of humour. If their partner is feeling down, Sagittarius will go above and beyond to brighten their day. At your best, you are loving, loyal, and honest partners. You are very positive, mind, body, spirit, affirmation kinda human. With this said, a bohemian styled wedding would best suit your personality. 

Sagittarius Modern BohemianHire Moroccan Boho Ceremony PackageModern Moroccan Menu - Two Lovers ExclusiveGarden Pavillion TentThe Wandering Gypsea Caravan Bar - Lets Party, Willow Earrings


Capricorns are known to be responsible, authoritative, ambitious, realistic, achieving and bossy, being the sign of the masterplan. You are a natural boss and carry a noticeable air of authority, even in your loving relationships. This could be anything from a little domineering to an all-out control freak, but either way, you may have a tendency to treat your partner as your support team rather than your equal partner. You are quite traditional, but it's important to you to know what others think, hence why an understated traditional elegant style wedding would best suit you.

Understated and traditional Capricorns will love: YASMINJeremy Save the DateFranca Bridal Drop EarringsGrace - Ivory Lace Bridal VeilAnita Ivory


Aquarius is a water sign, known for being quite humanitarian, unconventional, radical and independent. Your wedding style is anything but complacent, you want a fresh, cool, calm and bright style. You prefer a large wedding group than a smaller, intimate one. An afternoon in Positano styled wedding would suit best your want for bright colours as well as the larger group setting. 

Aquarius will love an afternoon in PositanoPositano Look - Styled Tablescape PackageThe Elegance PackagePepis Granita cart HireGrecian Column CandleLove Potion Bottled CocktailCorfu White Ern Set 


Pisces is a water sign, which explains why you are so sentimental and open-hearted when it comes to relationships. These dreamy fish are also highly emotional, so you appreciate a lover who's deep and willing to be tender and vulnerable with you.

Romantic Pisces must have elements: Champagne Flute SetMr & Mrs Cake Topper with HeartLight Tunnel Hire10 Hour Photography PackageLYLA – BRIDAL HAIR CLIP


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