Two Lovers favourite Bridal Earrings

From simple studs to statement pieces, a pair of great bridal earrings can pull together and elevate your bridal look. The Two Lovers team shares their favourite Bridal Earrings and why they love them.

Amelia - Edie Earrings by Kate & Kole 
“The Edie Earrings are so classic and timeless, definitely something you can continue to wear after your wedding or keep as something to pass down.”

Poppy - Willow Pearl Earrings by JT Luxe
“I love fresh water pearls and these bridal Willow Pearl earrings are the perfect amounts of modern and classic.”

Jaz - Delilah Earring by Lolaknight

“I love statement earrings on brides, Lolaknight makes incredible accessories and I particularly love these, especially on a bohemian bride.”

Mary - Poppy Studs by Mila & Me Handmade
“Freshwater pearls are right on trend for Brides at the moment. These studs are gorgeous.”

Rae - Alicia Earrings by Rowe Collection
“The Alicia earrings remind me of a pair of art deco earrings my grandmother had. The detail is beautiful, perfect choice for a bride.”

Immy - Willow Earrings in Rose Gold by Amélie George

Amélie George is one of my favourite vendors, the Willow earrings in Rose Gold are really fun!”

Alanah - Pearl Double Earrings by Kate & Kole
“I am loving modern pearls on Brides right now! The double pearls on this pair of bridal earrings by Kate & Kole further modernises the traditional bridal pearl earrings.”

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