The Bohemian Wedding - How to create the look

Bohemian (adjective) socially unconventional in an artistic way.
A History of the Bohemian Style

Bohemian style melts elements from a range of different cultures. Original Bohemians were travelling Gypsies whose style was directly influenced by the range of different people and cultures they encountered whilst travelling. The 70’s resurgence of the Bohemian style or Boho for short was influenced similarly by travel, with the youth of the 60’s and 70’s travelling through Europe and Asia along the “Hippie Trail” gathering inspiration. This period has had the most direct impact on what we consider Boho today.

Boho Weddings are perhaps so popular because it allows couples to borrow and melt together a number of different styles on their day. 

How Has The Boho Style Evolved?

The Bohemian Style has evolved to include a number of eclectic styles including Beach Boho, Moroccan Boho, Modern Boho and Western Boho. 

The quintessential Boho Wedding is relaxed and creative, it often features Macrame hangings, moroccan rugs, Teepee structures, dried and fresh flowers, tassels and fringing and soft natural elements such as rattan, seagrass, cottons and feathers. 

When choosing the colour palette for your boho wedding, choose natural tones, dusty pinks, nudes, cream and off whites rather than a clean white.

The Bohemian Colour Palette: 
When choosing the colour palette for your boho wedding, choose natural tones, dusty pinks, nudes, cream and off whites rather than a clean white.

Dress & Accessories 

What makes a bohemian wedding dress? It will have long full sleeves or dainty straps, applique statement lace, nudes and ivory tones. It will have less structure to the dress and be more form fitting around the top with long flowing skirts with lace trains. It looks dreamy and effortless, natural and ethereal.


For your bridesmaids dresses allow yourself to be inspired by nature. Select a colour and allow your bridesmaids to choose their own style of boho dress that suits their body shape. Give them the direction that it needs to be full length, flowy and feminine. Consider having floral headpieces or flower crowns for your bridesmaids to wear.

Hair and Makeup

Opt for soft and natural makeup. Ask your makeup artist to select natural colours for your eye shadow and lip colour that tie in with your bouquet. Direct your hair stylist to give you loose curls and a wild flowing hair styles featuring braids, florals, a statement hair pieces or a bohemian crystal crown.


A bohemian wedding cake usually comes in traditional shapes with boho adornments like feathers and wild or dried flowers. The cake is usually "naked" exposing the outter layers and can be served on a rustic wooden stand. Other adornments can be fresh or dried fruit overflowing from the sides of the cake.


Tie in some dried flowers, wild flowers, cascading elements to your florals. The ultimate boho bouquet is a mix of dried and fresh flowers, grasses and foliage and has an organic, almost wild shape. You want it to look almost as if the bride gathered them herself, nothing too constructed.


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