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What to do instead if you and your Lover do not like wedding cake.

The tradition of wedding cake dates all the way back to Ancient Rome where when wedding ceremonies came to an end a scone was broken over the bride's head to bring her good luck and fertility. Since then the tradition has evolved from scones to fruit cake with fondant icing to amazing works of art (like the below wedding cake by Marina Machado), that would be just as at home in a gallery as displayed at a wedding. But what if you and your partner don't like cake?

what to do instead of wedding cake if you don't like wedding cakeImage: Marina Machado

Like many other wedding traditions, many couples are choosing to change up or completely forgo the traditional wedding cake and here at Two Lovers we are all about doing your wedding your way and we have some suggestions for those lovers who might not be lovers of the traditional wedding cake. 

Lolly Bars - Everybody loves a lolly bar! They look great and won't leave any of your sweet tooth guests disappointed by the lack of cake. Lolly bags can also double as wedding favours for your guests to take home. 

Cheese Cake - More into a savoury moment than sweet? A cheese cake could be your answer! Made up of various sized wheels of cheese and shaped like a traditional wedding cake a cheese cake allows you to still have a "cutting the cake" moment and that cute cake topper you have been eying off. The best part is your guests will get to enjoy an after dinner cheese board!   

Donut Tower or Donut Wall - Nothing surprises and delights wedding guests quite like a donut wall. It's playful and you can even match your donut selections to your wedding colour pallette. 

Champagne Tower - Champagne Towers are a wedding show stopper. What better way to celebrate marrying your best friend than popping a couple of bottles and pouring out a tower for your guests to enjoy!

Dessert Stations - Why have just one cake when you could have a whole range of different dessert options? Eclairs, cupcakes, profiteroles, lollies, personalised cookies, your imagination is really the limit.

Looking for more wedding cake alternative suggestions? Speak to our stylist Alanah for her suggestions of the best lolly bars, champagne towers and dessert vendors available on Two Lovers. 

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