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Trend Predictions.

Our expert Stylists unveil the latest trends that are captivating the industry. From accessories to transport, and unique magic moments to elements that define modern weddings, stay ahead of the curve and let our stylists be your trusted source for all things trending in the world of nuptials.



Elevate your cocktail hour to dazzling new heights. How, you ask? With customised cocktail floats! Your guests will be delightedly surprised to sip your wedding signature drinks, adorned with personalised cocktail floats floating merrily atop the shimmering surface. Each float, a tiny work of art tailored to your unique style and taste, becomes a conversation starter, a visual feast, and personal touch that your guests will never forget!


Wedding Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Wedding Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Wedding Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: Argira



Bridal accessories allow you to showcase your unique style and elevate your bridal look to new heights.

Among the many beautiful accessories, adorned veils take centre stage and are our favourite way of elevating your bridal look. They possess the power to transform your ensemble into a work of art.

Whether embellished with delicate lace or intricately embroidered with personal dates or meaningful text or lyrics, these veils possess the power to add an extra special element to your ensemble.

Let them become the pièce de résistance of your bridal look, the crowning jewel that adds a touch of magic to your ensemble. With their personalised beauty, they become a cherished part of your love story, an emblem of your journey down the aisle.

Not to mention it becomes a beautiful heirloom piece to hand down to future Lovers in your family.

Wedding Trends Two Lovers StylistsVendor: Dove Grey Bridal


Wedding Trends Two Lovers StylistsVendor: Madame Tulle



These delicate and beautiful parasols are not just for protection; they are the ultimate prop for capturing stunning photography shots of you, your lover, your bride tribe, or your fabulous guests! Imagine this: a sun-drenched outdoor wedding, with you and your partner stealing a moment beneath a whimsical paper parasol. Or imagine a sea of parasols popping open, as your loved ones revel in the charm and whimsy of these delightful props. Whether they're holding them aloft during a joyful group shot or twirling them around for an impromptu parasol dance, the parasols become an interactive and memorable part of the wedding experience. Plus, the photos? Absolutely Instagram-worthy!

Trend Predictions Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: Lovers Lane      Photographer: Dear Fioré (Formerly Luna Wilde)

Wedding Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: Lovers Lane



Enter the enchanting world of En Masse installations, where movement and organic beauty collide in a spectacular display. These carefully arranged bunches, curated in cloud-like formations, create a mesmerising and visually impactful experience that will leave your guests in awe. They are a work of art, meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of movement and grace. Get ready to set the stage for a ceremony like no other.

Wedding Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: En Masse Collective


Wedding Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: Caloonaa



Evoke nostalgia from the landline era and embrace the revival of retro vibes by booking an audio guest book! Capture heartfelt messages from your guests and relive your day for years to come by listening to the in-depth and meaningful voicemails recorded by your loved ones.

Wedding Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: Glad You Called 



Scalloped edge umbrellas not only add a touch of elegance to your event but also serve a practical purpose for the comfort of your guests. The elevated design of the scalloped edge and functional features create the perfect addition to enhance the styling of your outdoor soiree.

Wedding Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: Love Stoned 



Vintage cars will not only whisk you away from point A to point B in style but also provide the perfect backdrop for a photo that screams "late-night getaway." Embracing the nostalgia and charm of a bygone era, these retro rides are a transport trend that will forever remain in style. Hiring a Vintage Car for your special day becomes an experience, a statement, and a picture-perfect memory that will never fade. Get ready to rev those engines, hop in, strike a pose, and capture a moment that exudes classic glamour.

 Wedding Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Trend Predictions Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: Caddy Chic 



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