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The Forecast : 2024 Wedding Trends

Join Our Two Lovers Stylists and Planners as we dive into the upcoming wedding and event trends forecast for 2024! From innovative concepts to timeless elements, discover how you can infuse these trends into your own special soiree.


Styling with Fresh Produce

Fruits are the new floral centrepiece, and are becoming more and more popular to mix with flowers and can be a solution to reducing the cost. If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram lately in the lead-up to Spring/Summer, Spoiler Alert: you’re going to see a lot more use of lemons, grapes and pears to brighten and add a touch of freshness to a tablescape.

However, we love to see and work with vegetables as styling items for weddings. Yes, that’s right, purple cabbages, chilli and heirloom tomatoes in abundance - yeah, yeah we know a tomato is technically a fruit! Wedding stylists and florists who are giving a new cool persona to kale and brussels sprouts are some of our personal favourites Fritillerie & By.MAGNOLIA.


A Pant-Suit Ensemble

2024 introduces a trend tailor-made for the anti-bride—an ethos blending effortless coolness with utter chicness. We're captivated by how brides are fearlessly discarding traditions, opting instead to redefine their bridal aesthetics. Embracing authenticity, they carve their unique style, infusing personal touches into their bridal look.


The Colour Red and Traditional Symbols of Romance

Here’s a little science for you: Red is the colour that reaches deepest into our eyes and signals your brain faster than any other colour, which of course is ideal for stop signs or quick reaction signs. So if you’re a couple looking to make a bold statement with your wedding then red is the colour for you!

When we think of romance there are a few stereotypical shapes and elemnts that come to mind: bows, roses, love hearts and all in the colour red! Roses will be more evident in bridal fashion and accessories, bows exaggerated will remain on trend and love hearts will be incorporated into our wedding stationery and sweet treats.

Adding a Social Content Creator to your vendor dream team.

Social Content Creators emerge as essential allies for couples awaiting their professional photography and videography. They seamlessly complement the wedding experience by swiftly curating and sharing moments in real-time, ensuring your dream day is promptly and beautifully conveyed to friends and family online. With an adept eye for storytelling and a knack for capturing candid moments, these creators bridge the gap between the wedding day and its digital presence, preserving and sharing the magic of your celebration instantly across social platforms. Check out our amazing list of Content Creators on

Aperitivo Hour 

Ever since the influx of living the dolce-vita life in all our Instagram stories of Euro Summer 2023, we’ve seen the rise of the Aperitivo Hour here in Australia. Aperitivo Hour is when the Italian locals flock to catch the sunset at bars or restaurants before diving into dinner. The process of “aperitivo hour” includes enjoying small snacks like olives, that accompany bittersweet cocktails like an Aperol spritz or Negroni before sharing a meal with loved ones.

In 2024 look for more Aperol Orange and olives evolving from the side dish to the main attraction!



Chic Welcome Parties or Rehearsal Dinners

In 2024, chic welcome parties and rehearsal dinners are planned and styled with just as much thought as the wedding day. These gatherings have evolved into sophisticated affairs, offering a preview of the wedding's ambience and setting the tone for the love-fest ahead. From intimate cocktail soirees to themed dinners with dress codes, couples are using these events to infuse personal touches and create memorable experiences for their guests.

A Boogie on the Dance floor Before the Formalities Begin

No one ever wants to be the first one to hit the dance floor, well now with the new trend of getting the party started earlier, you can be fearless dear Lovers!

We're all about adding a dash of thrill to wedding run-sheets by kicking off the celebrations early with a dance party alongside your squad. Seeking that BDE (Big Dance Floor Energy) Follow these steps for a guaranteed hit:

  • Prep your bridal party, and let them in on the plan beforehand.
  • Have the MC rally up the guests on the dance floor, building anticipation for your grand entrance.
  • Blast a killer playlist for 5 minutes of irresistible beats—guaranteed to lure even Gran onto the dance floor!

Looking for the perfect entertainment to help get the party started? Our friends at Silent Shout know how to get your dance floor pumping!



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