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Photography we're loving.

Discover the latest trends in wedding photography and gain valuable insights from our expert stylists who will guide you through various styles and shots, ensuring your wedding album is a true reflection of your love story. Stay ahead of the curve and create timeless memories.


Film Photography

The unique touch of film adds an extra element of romance, infusing your photographs with a timeless allure. There's something truly magical about the way film captures every moment, every colour, and every detail with unrivalled grace and authenticity.

With film photography, every colour comes to life in intricate detail, portraying a natural and authentic aesthetic. It's a style that effortlessly captures the essence of your most cherished moments, evoking a sense of nostalgia and wonder.

It's no surprise couples are opting for film as this style of photography has a captivating beauty that creates breathtaking visuals. The result? An image that tells a story, that captures the essence of your love in a way that feels timeless and unforgettable.

If film is your kind of photography vibe be sure to ask your photographer in advance!

Photography trends Two Lovers Stylists

Photography trends two lovers stylists

Vendor: Pete The Photographer


Intentional Blur

Capturing images that deliberately deviate from the conventional norms is something that remains at the ethos of everything we do as planners and stylists. Intentional blur shots embrace the out-of-focus elements or a dramatic motion blur that adds an artistic dimension that will take your wedding album to soar new heights of visual storytelling. It's time to break free from the confines of traditional wedding photography and let your cherished moments come alive through the artistry of intentional blur.

Photography Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Bella Weddings


Photography Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Ayzia Jade Photography



Prepare to be dazzled as flash adds a new level of vibrancy and breathes life into your reception photos. It's time to ignite your shots that offers a unique and edgy perspective, capturing the very essence of your party! Flash photography isn't just about illuminating the darkness; it's about infusing your images with a burst of energy and excitement. With each pop of the flash, your reception comes alive with vibrant hues, sparkling details, and elevating your party atmosphere to a whole new level.

Photography Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Ayzia Jade Photography


Photography Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: Pete The Photographer


The Morning After

Unveil the magic of post-wedding bliss with a 'Morning After' shoot. These intimate photographs capture a special moment with your lover, radiating fun, flirty, and relaxed vibes. Celebrate the joy of love in a unique and cherished way, freezing this blissful chapter in time.Imagine waking up on the first morning as newlyweds, bathed in the soft morning light, enveloped in a bubble of love and contentment. The 'Morning After' shoot embraces this magical moment to celebrate the unfiltered joy, the playful connection, and the genuine intimacy that fills the air.

Photography Trends Two Lovers Stylists

Vendor: Dear Fiore (Formerly Luna Wilde Photography)


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