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What is your Wedding Style as told by your Star Sign?

Your star sign can tell you a lot about yourself and your style but what does your zodiac sign say about your perfect Wedding style? Lover, read on to find out your ideal wedding style as told by your star sign…

Bold. Dramatic. Fiery.

Aries wedding style moodboard

Bold and ambitious, our Aries Lover love dramatic statement pieces and are not afraid to take risks with their wedding styling. 

Aries LOVES being the first to adopt new trends and are brave enough to follow their intuition to achieve show stopping experiences for their guests.

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Elegant. Intimate. Simple.

Taurus wedding style moodboard

Ruled by the earth, Taurus Lovers are happiest when surrounded by nature, making an outdoor Ceremony and Reception full of fresh florals in organic shapes the ideal wedding. 

As a Taurean, you enjoy relaxing, serene and intimate environments. Choose a colour pallet of elegant, soft and warm tones and a venue that offers you and your guests an intimate experience.

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Traditional. Modern.
The best of both worlds.

Gemini wedding style mood board

The perfect Gemini wedding is two rolled into one! The Traditional: a classic ceremony and dinner filled with beautiful gold accents, classic reflexed roses and romance. Followed by a modern party, filled with following Champagne, Disco balls, on trend flash photography and dancing.

Gemini Lovers love to have the best of both worlds and love to change things up. Think two different outfits, live band and a DJ, traditional and trend driven.

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Family Focused. Traditional. Intimate.

Cancer wedding style mood board

Cancerians are sentimental and intuitive and like other water signs are guided by emotions and their hearts. Family is especially important to our Cancer Lovers.

The perfect wedding for you is intimate and traditional, filled with heartfelt moments surrounded by family and loved ones. Cancerians will love textured elements such as linen signage, handmade paper stationery and leather bound guest books.

Bold. Warm. Fierce.

Leo wedding style mood board

Brave and determined, the Leo Lover indulges in warm moody tones and adorns bold and extravagant accessories.

Our Leo Lover has the self-confidence and determination to create eye-catching atmospheres to dazzle their guests and create lifelong memories.

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Romantic. Tranquil. Ornate.

Virgo wedding style mood board


Our Virgo Lover loves elegant and whimsical tablescapes and accessories. You are not afraid to create magical moments for your big day.

Virgos are full of creativity and are determined to create a wedding unlike any other, creating unforgettable memories for their guests. You love the idea of creating a full experience for your guests with full hanging installations, warm accents and lush colours.

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Timeless. Harmony. Balance.

Libra wedding style mood board

Charming and poised, our Libra Lover loves timeless classics and thrives on creating an atmosphere that leaves all their guests feeling at peace.

Your desire for harmony pairs perfectly with the ambiance of flickering candles and lush greenery. You love the measured, balance of a black and white colour palette and playing with scale using oversized candles and towering cakes.

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Extravagant. Passion. Fearless.

Scorpio wedding style mood board

Fearless and extravagant, the Scorpio Lover doesn’t hold back and loves bright colour combinations and regal statement pieces.

Scorpios have an unmatched focus when pursuing a goal, and are not afraid to commit to the wedding style of their dreams. Passion driven, a bold colour pallet of red and pink, statement earrings and bold cakes excite you.

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Romantic. Passionate. Bold.

Sagittarius Wedding Style mood board

As the wild child of the zodiac, passion is at the heart of everything a Sagittarius does! You certainly aren’t afraid to stray from tradition and with a bright colour palette and signature cocktail in hand you like to keep true to your spirited nature!

You are confident to dive into styling that other Lovers might shy away from such as coloured crockery, bold modern cutlery and untraditional shaped stationery.

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Ambitious. Powerful. Driven.

Capricorn wedding style mood board

Capricorns are known for their grounded nature but we know you also have a wild side! Leaning into natural beauty with luscious greenery, overlaid with detailed modern elements bring an understated extravagance that captures the true essence of this earth sign! 

Our Capricorn Lover should play with texture, vintage and modern. Dried elements sing in your florals and vintage rattan pieces are polished with modern metallics and bright pearl.

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Elegant. Timeless. Chic.

Aquarius wedding style mood board

Effortlessly cool, chic is the only way to sum up a true Aquarian. Although Aquarians are often uncomfortable when the attention falls on them this isn’t to say their wedding day will be anything less than spectacular. An informal celebration at a unique location is the perfect mix for an Aquarians dream of a simple but elegant celebration.

Your heart belongs to your Lover and the sea and you love to reference this love in your styling with sand tone and shell decor.

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Modest. Dreamer. Affectionate.

Pisces wedding style mood board

Colourful yet classy, Pisces Lovers are creative and rule-bending. You let your imagination run free and will give your own unique twist on the fairy tale wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

You love shape and texture and fall in love with romantic details such as handwritten place cards and fluffy, lush florals.

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