Two Lovers guide on where to begin planning your wedding.
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Two Lovers guide on where to begin planning your wedding.

CEO Mary and head wedding stylist Alanah

If you have found yourself here reading this you probably don't need me to tell you - wedding planning can be kind of (read: incredibly) overwhelming. If you are thinking, “Where the hell do we start?”. You are not alone and lucky for you, I am here to answer that very question! 

Your wedding at its core is about you and your partner. It's a celebration of the two of you and the fact that you are so thrilled to have found one another you want to declare and celebrate your love. So the first thing I ask couples when they want to know where to start planning is: What are your priorities? 

Everyone will have an opinion on your wedding day. Before you open the forum to your friends and family, sit with your lover and sort out what is really important to you both to have included on your wedding day. 

You both might want an amazing menu served to your guests. Perhaps you want to wear your dream dress? You might not be super fussed on music or maybe having a full dance floor and an amazing party is the most important part of the day for you both. It may be that you always imagined a particular venue for your ceremony or you really want your extended families to be included. Whatever it is, write out a list from most to least important to the two of you. 

This priority list will be a reference point throughout your planning process and can be a helpful tool to help you both keep focus on what you want. 

From this point I recommend doing some research, getting your budget locked away and writing your draft guest list. Look at the top two or three items on your priority list and do a bit of research: find out how much that dream dress that holds position three costs or how many guests your dream venue seats and how much per head they cost. The budget in itself can be a daunting task to approach but it's an important one.


Pour a glass of wine, do a few sums, chat with your families and work out exactly how much you have to invest in your big day. Consider your priorities and your research when you write your guest list.

Once you have your budget and rough guest list you can start booking! Use your priorities list as a bit of a road map. If the venue of your dreams is number one on that priority list that is the best place to start. If your dream band holds the top priority spot their availability may influence the dates you chose to consider. 

Remember your wedding should be about you and your partner! Do it your way, have fun and make sure the things that are most important to you aren't lost in the noise.

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