Two Lovers tips when considering a Champagne Tower for your wedding.
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Two Lovers tips when considering a Champagne Tower for your wedding.

Whether you're throwing a boujee wedding, or you're on a budget? Here are some helpful tips when considering a Champagne Tower for your wedding!

Bride and Groom drink the first glasses of champagne from the champagne tower

If you are looking to add a ‘pop’ of class and fun to your wedding, look no further than a Champagne Tower for your special soiree! Champagne Towers are a unique way to celebrate a toast and make the most insta-worthy photo opps! 

Our Two Lovers Stylists and planners have listed the top things to consider when booking a Champagne Tower for your wedding, we've gone one step further and provided you with all the options and packages available to create this Champagne Moment at your next celebration! 

1. Check with your venue! First and foremost, you will want to check with your venue whether you can include a Champagne Tower opportunity throughout your day! Champagne Towers are very fragile, and if knocked over can result in spillage, damages to equipment and of course any injuries for the ladies who have ditched the stiletto for the night. Most quotes will include Terms & Conditions or a bond for any breakage so be sure to take this into consideration if you’re planning on having little ones and kids at your wedding.

Checking in with your venue first is also a great first step as they can also provide you with some advice on what surface is best for a tower, what time in the run-sheet is recommended and how many bottles of champagne you will need!

2. But first, Champagne! It is also important to understand whether you will need the Champagne Tower vendor to provide you with additional Champagne or bubbles. Your venue may only allow you to use their Champagne or will allow you to bring your own! Consider your guest list, how many people you would like to serve and then break it down by Tiers. So how many bottles of champagne or bubbles do you really need? Assuming that a standard 750mL will pour 5 glasses, to fill each glass you will need;

4 Tier : 30 glasses : 6 Bottles
5 Tier : 55 glasses : 11 Bottles
6 Tier : 91 glasses : 18 Bottles
7 Tier : 140 glasses : 28 Bottles
8 Tier : 204 glasses : 41 Bottles
9 Tier : 285 glasses : 57 Bottles
10 Tier : 385 glasses : 77 Bottles 

3. Boujee VS Budget. If having a Champagne Tower is a must-have for your wedding, we recommend calculating it into your food and beverage budget right from the beginning! If a Champagne Tower is something you and your lover are committed to, we say the bigger the better! 

However for some couples, a Champagne Tower may be an after-thought or last minute add-on. If you've seen it all over your feed and can't stop dreaming about having one on your special day, there are so many types of packages with different price points available, so we say, why not!?

Whether you're a boujee bride, or a bride with a budget we’ve broken down the types of packages available for you to BOOK NOW through Two Lovers. 


For extreme opulence and glamour, an 8 Tier Champagne Tower is definitely a Magic Moment for you and your Lover. Paired with a Magnum sized Veuve Clicquot and a step ladder this is guaranteed to make a memorable focal point of your wedding!

Our Champagne Tower Packages provides a premium service and include an attendant throughout the evening to assist you and will even help you with the pour. Add some extra opulence with a Sabrage of a Champagne Bottle to really get the party started! 

Champagne not your thing? Why not opt for something completely unique and book a Cocktail Tower! Our Cocktail Tower Package includes your choice of cocktail (ah hello Espresso Martinis) loaded with Liquid Nitrogen to add some theatrics to your special day!


Looking to create a Champagne Tower without the stress of breaking the budget? We suggest opting for a 5 or 6 Tier Champagne Tower Packages. If you are looking to reduce costs, we recommend considering the packages that include hire of the equipment, set-up and pack-down only. This will still create a unique moment for you and your guests, sealed with a cheeky kiss whilst pouring, your photographer will be sure to capture some amazing shots!

Building your own Champagne Tower can be a fun activity for you and your Lover, and may be desirable to any DIY brides. Hiring out the equipment only can bring your pricing down especially if you are dry-hiring the equipment from the vendor. 

4. How much do Champagne Towers cost? As mentioned, there are many different types of Champagne Tower Packages, all will include different services and inclusions in each package. Most packages will include:

  • Hire of Equipment (Coupes & Acrylic Tray)
  • Set-Up & Labour Fees

Add Ons include:

  • Additional Bottles of Champagne or bubbles
  • Tables or plinths for your Champagne Tower
  • Travel or Delivery Fees

Our Champagne Tower Packages range from $400 and can range up to $1,300, depending on the number of Tiers you select. Obviously, the bigger the tower the bigger the price-tag, so we recommend reaching out to our vendors for travel prices and additional fees so that you can take into consideration the overall total cost. 

5. Where can I find a Champagne Tower vendor near my wedding venue or location? At Two Lovers, we’ve pretty much got you covered in MOST areas within Australia. Our team of Stylists and Planners have sourced the nation’s finest to help bring your Champagne Towers to life! From Brisbane QLD, Mudgee and even Tasmania, we have some amazing vendors available, and if we don’t have your area, please book a free 15 min call with a Two Lovers Stylist and we will help source a Champagne Tower option near you.


Cover image by Street & Studio Photography of this Bubbly Bar Tower. 

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