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Thinking about eloping?

Thinking about eloping? Our inhouse Wedding Planner Alanah discusses elopements and why they might be a great option for Covid couples.

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Elopements. It's not something that I as a wedding planner would ever have pinned as something that would become especially popular. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE an elopement. They are beyond romantic, just you and your partner experiencing an incredibly intimate day and as someone who loves to travel the idea of wedding photos on a mountain top, running along european laneways is pretty appealing but more often than not the will for the the privacy and intimacy offered by elopements is trumped by couples wanting to spend the day with their friends and family. That is at least until Covid came and changed everything. 

With the announcement of weddings of 5 allowed from this week in NSW, continuing lockdowns and less and less certainty around when free travel will be possible, more and more couples are considering eloping. After postponing 3+ times between 2020 and now the big day, unfortunately for a lot of couples, is no longer an exciting and happy prospect and knowing that even when they do get to hold their wedding it still likely won't be exactly what they had hoped it to be the idea to run away and get married in a completely different way is more than appealing. 

It’s ok to let go of your original plans if you feel they are making you more sad or stressed. Eloping can take the pressure off. You can still have an amazing party and celebrate with your original guestlist later but the fact that you are already married can often mean you can leave all the pressure and expectation of “the best day of your life” at the door and just cut loose with your favourite people.

More than ever - Don't feel guilty. You don’t need me to tell you - there will be some people who are disappointed they didn't get to be there but remember this is yours and your partner's day. Kindly explain why you are deciding to elope and that everyone will have the opportunity to celebrate with you in the future. They will understand. 

If you can, still use as many of your original vendors as possible. Have an open and honest conversation with your vendors about how they can adapt their services to suit an elopement and party further down the line. You might even find they have greater flexibility for an elopement date if you are looking at a short lead and you may be more flexible with what you are looking for for the party element. 

Most of all, if you do decide to elope, try as best you can to embrace it for what it is. Enjoy the most intimate moments with your partner, relish in the privacy and the ability to make the day 100% about you both. Enjoy the experience of being uninhibited to include and exclude whatever you like in your wedding day experience. It is also ok to grieve and be sad about the loss of your original plans but try to remember that you can still enjoy your elopement experience at the same time.

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