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I think I want to cancel my wedding and just elope!

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Hi Two Lovers, 

I am hoping for some advice because my partner and I are at our absolute wits end. We are thinking of cancelling our wedding and just eloping instead!

Our family and friends, although well intentioned, have shared a lot of opinions about our wedding day and have pressured us into some things we didn’t want. I feel like our wedding is no longer about us. We would love to share this special day with everyone but it has become so incredibly stressful.

I have started wishing for the wedding to be over and daydreaming about running away and just doing it super low-key. I would feel far more relaxed if it was an intimate day that we can properly enjoy with a few of the closest people in our lives, but disappointing anyone is hard to swallow! What do we do?

Sincerely, Want-to-be-Runaway-Bride


Dear Want-to-be-Runaway-Bride,

First and foremost  it’s important to remember that this day is about you and your Lover! The moments shared between the two of you will be the most important. If you are feeling pressure from family and friends to have a wedding that doesn’t feel right for you, you should absolutely not cave to these pressures and do what makes you and your Lover happy.

Of course letting your family know you would prefer to elope will be difficult. Having an open conversation as to why you would like to elope can certainly help them to better understand and might even consider keeping their opinions to themselves! For close family let them know you still wish to share the day with them but you would enjoy your day much more if it were to be very personal and intimate. When having the discussion with friends, let them know you can celebrate with each other in other ways that you and your partner will enjoy much more; a group dinner for example or drinks at a later stage can be great options!

Planning an elopement can be a lot of fun and is an amazing opportunity to be creative and to produce a day that is a true reflection of yourselves. If a white wedding dress isn’t your thing, go for a bold and bright outfit? Looking for a celebrant that is a little quirky, lock in the Las-Vegas Elvis to help make things official, then getaway in a fabulous Lemon Yellow Mustang or take that trip you’ve been dreaming of (and saving for) to say I do! 

The best way to enjoy the process is to make decisions based on what matters to you and your Lover the most. Don’t let traditions or others opinions get in the way of your style! If a decision feels natural to your personality, never be shy to change things up!


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