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How to use linen napkins to enhance your wedding tablescape styling

Napkins don't need to be boring! In fact, napkins can be used to add interest and enhance your wedding tablescape styling. Our Wedding Stylist Alanah tells us how to choose the best wedding napkin for your wedding. 

Wedding menu being placed on top of natural linen napkin with toffee rose.

Image by Heather East. Menu by Fielding Milligan.

Of course, napkins perform a functional purpose for your guests but they are also a great and easy way to add interest to your tablescape. Napkins can be used to add colour, texture and shape to each place setting. When choosing a napkin and how to present it consider the rest of your tablescape; what colour are your flowers? What size and shape plates will be on the table? Will your table be set with plates for guest arrival? What shape and colour are your menus and placecards? 

Colour - The colour of your wedding napkins can completely change and enhance the feel of your place settings. 

Neutral colours such as white, cream or natural beige colour create clean and light place settings - especially when paired with lighter coloured menus and plates. 

Choosing a bright or bold coloured napkin can anchor your place settings, making them feel finished and intentional. Dark colours can add additional depth to settings, berries, blacks, greys and navys can add and enhance drama to cool modern tablescapes. Whilst pastels and peach tones can emphasise your florals and add warmth to your settings.  

Oval shaped wedding menu set on plate with beige linen napkin tied in knot.
Image by Heather East. Menu by Fielding Milligan. Napkin by Cloth & Confetti.

Texture - Linen textures are huge at the moment and for good reason. Linen napkins come in a range of different weights and textures form thick and heavy traditional linen napkins to light cotton blends and almost muslin textures. 

Traditional folds - Traditional folded napkins are elegant and timeless. If your tablescape is more formal and traditional, an envelope fold or a version of this such as is a great option.  Traditional shaped menus complement traditionally folded napkins beautifully. Arch shapes and squares also look great with traditional napkin folds. 

Waterfall fold - a long folded napkin that drapes over the edge of the table form under the plate can be a perfect midway point between a traditional fold and a more casual alternative. Consider your table and plates if you like are hoping for this style, if your selected menu means your table won't be set with plates, your napkins may slip off the edge of the table unless a guest favour or charger plate is placed on top.

pink flower sits next to arch shaped wedding menu and folded linen wedding napkin.
Image by Heather East. Menu by Fielding Milligan. Napkin by Sustainable Life Co.

Organic and draped -
To create a tablescape that feels more casual, soft and relaxed, avoiding a formal folded napkin, instead choose to place napkins to look as if they have been put out and fallen naturally. Crushed linens and natural cottons work best for this option. Draped napkins look great both on top and beneath plates or menus. 

Knotted - Knotted napkins add a relaxed element to a place setting, whilst still feeling intentional. Knotted napkins work beautifully with round shaped menus as they can be placed to frame these on the plate. Playing with the size and level of the knot can also create different shapes. 

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