5 things to consider if you hate the idea of being the center of attention on your wedding day.

For some, the idea of having a day all about celebrating them and the person they love sounds like bliss. For others, the idea of all eyes on them, public speaking and constant photos can be scary and incredibly anxiety inducing. These people are often, sadly, left dreading their wedding days. If this sounds like you or your lover, there are different things you can consider including (or excluding) in your day to help it feel less daunting.

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Stay together the night before and get ready together on the day. Chose to stay together the night before and waking up together is a wonderful start to your wedding day - especially if one or both of you feel anxious. Waking up together sets the tone that you are on this adventure together from the very beginning of the day and will be there to support one another throughout the entire experience. You’ll both also likely sleep better next to the person you sleep next to every night, bonus for no tired eyes!

Have a private first look and exchange your personal vows with just the two of you.  Meet your lover before your ceremony and have a private, intimate first look. If you are both private people or you hate the idea of a long ceremony with lots of public speaking, take this opportunity to exchange your vows, privately and intimately. This way the ceremony can be kept to the legals only, with minimum public speaking. 

Minimise your guestlist.  Micro weddings have become more and more popular following Covid and in the wedding world there is a real feeling of the pressure being off in regards to needing to have a big wedding with all the fanfare. If a small, intimate celebration is what you and your lover are comfortable with, that is the celebration you should plan. 

Ask your photographer and videographer to hang back.  Candid photography, capturing the natural unedited moment of your wedding day are often the most beautiful. If you or your lover hate the idea of constant photos being taken of you throughout the day, ask your photographer and videographer to focus on candid moments more than the traditional posed images. Great photographers and videographers know how to make you feel comfortable and melt into the background, capturing your day quietly and beautifully without making you feel like you are under a microscope.

Elope and have a party! “The big day” comes with a lot of pressure and expectation, eloping and having a party later on truly takes the pressure off. Your wedding is truly you and your partner, you can enjoy getting hitched and the ceremony without need to worry about anybody else or the overwhelm of extended friends and family all in one place at the same time. This means the party can be just that - a really great party! You are married already, all the legal stuff has been taken care of and all that expectation is lifted. 

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